Did tim tebow dating erin andrews

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Did tim tebow dating erin andrews - courteney cox dating now

According to the Durango Herald, one angry viewer tweeted, “Everyone involved including Ellen should be fired.None of you were aware of Tim’s similarities until after?

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As for Mc Clellan himself, he wasn’t seen on-screen after the show announced his disqualification.However he tweeted last night that being on the show was “a most blessed and wonderful experience!There aren't any seriously serious fans out there that are watching their favorite sports or tuning into ESPN for the pretty girls.The pretty girls are just a fantastic bonus to something we already love.“Outrage broke out online Monday night after a Durango, Colorado, man was disqualified from Ellen De Generes’ new show ‘Ellen’s Design Challenge’ on HGTV,” reports the Durango Herald. He was disqualified because his final design too closely resembled a furniture piece already in the marketplace, the show said.Contestants were supposed to make an original piece.

To make matters even more embarrassing, according to the Arizona Republic, of the six contestants who were on the show, Mc Clellan was “the only contestant recruited by De Generes after she watched his furniture-making video on You Tube.

The other five contestants applied for a spot on the show.” The ending of the six-episode series, which aired last night, Monday, March 2, 2015, was bizarre.

Ellen announced that Mc Clellan won the “Design Challenge,” which included 0,000 and having his work featured in a spread in HGTV magazine.

Confetti fell from the ceiling, hugs were had all around. Then, on the screen flashed the words “One Week Later.” That’s when viewers were told, matter of factly, that Mc Clellan had been disqualified because of the similarity of his last piece of furniture to another piece of furniture already available in the marketplace, and that the runner-up, Katie Stout, had won.

Ellen invited Stout onto the set of her talk show to surprise her with the news.

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