Ddclient dyndns not updating

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This is a beta release, and a complete rewrite of the update client.

Use this contrib when you have a sme server connected to a ISP service using a dynamic IP, and you wish to host multiple domains.

ddclient is a client for updating dynamic DNS entries for domains hosted at different DNS providers.

Configure your dynamic host domains via the ddclient server manager panel.

ddclient can be used on servers configured in server gateway mode or in server only mode.

Stéphane de Labrusse AKA Stephdl This contrib is the official and maintained version for SME Server 8, some Free or paid services of dynamic dns had been incorporated to the contribs. Use this panel to configure domain records you wish to keep updated with your dynamic IP using the ddclient contrib First you need to create a domain in the server-manager (domains panel) which must match the domain you set with your dynamic dns provider.

For example if the domain you made at DTdns is : You have to create a relevant domain with this name.

Then go to the panel of "Dynamic clients", choose the domain you made then set your dynamic DNS provider eg (dtdns) and associated credentials to that provider.2015/07/10 stephane de labrusse - 1.2.1-5.sme- added [SME: 8975] - added custom fields for dns providers [SME: 8961] - added custom fields for free domains and panel options to ddclient [SME: 8983] When you have the fr sme7-ddclient contrib installed and you run yum upgrade with the smecontribs repository enabled on your server, watch out!There is a smeserver-ddclient package that will get installed as an upgrade and this conflicts with the sme7-ddclient package !Remove the sme7-ddclient first, see instructions below.Note: This RPM works with SME 8 or SME 7 The fr site appears to be defunct (since at least April 2012), so this article provides a link to the contrib at another external file download site.This contrib has some additional features like the ability to select the method on how the detect the external IP address and the ability to publish arbitrary domain names (i.e. Download the latest rpm version from In many cases, you really do not need to use ddclient or some variation of it eg sme7-ddclient or smeserver-ddclient You can use the built in dynamic client for your main domain (accessible by running Configure this server from the admin console).