David byrne cindy sherman still dating

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David byrne cindy sherman still dating

By turning the camera on herself, this American photographer has become one of the most influential contemporary artists.On a brief trip to Lisbon, Sherman spoke to UP about her travels and the major retrospective of her work that can be seen at the Mo MA in New York until June of this year.

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It was around ten years ago when I first saw Sherman’s work, at an exhibition at Lisbon’s CCB; however, the woman sitting in front of me, intertwining her fingers, is a distant image of those other women portrayed; remarkable characters that both amuse and disturb us and automatically engender likes and dislikes, attraction and repulsion: “It doesn’t have to be serious, I like to laugh at things, even the ugliest and most violent ones.Images can be disturbing, while making us laugh at the same time, even if it’s a nervous laugh, because we know it’s pretend; that those people are not really unhappy or sad.I like people to laugh at my work, because the irony is important.” Throughout a career spanning over 30 years, Cindy Sherman has presented work that is consistent, eloquent and provocative, through which she explores the construction of identity and the nature of representation originating from the myriad of worlds and images we get from cinema, television, internet, magazines and art history.Serving as her own model, in her different series of photographs, the photographer takes on the mantle of the multiple characters she uses to challenge and address issues that are at the core of her artistic construction.In addition to media and the nature of artistic creation, these include the question of the role and representation of women in society: “It’s true that there is some political inspiration in my work, but I’m not one of those furious and humourless feminists.” To create her photographs, Cindy simultaneously takes on the role of photographer, model, make-up artist, fashion designer, costume designer, prop woman and stage director.Armed with an arsenal of wigs, clothes, make-up, masks and prosthetics of all shapes and sizes, such as fake noses and breasts, the artist skillfully change her appearance and surrounding environments, creating intriguing pictures and characters.

From actress to decadent socialite, not forgetting a clown, a monk or Renaissance madonna.”Yes, you could say that I’m a kind of chameleon, but, when it comes to my work, I ultimately feel anonymous. Society is controlling, to some degree we are controlled to look the way we do”.When I look at the photographs, I never see myself; they’re not self-portraits, sometimes I even feel that I disappear from them. Travel snaphots It was because of the CCB exhibition that Cindy Sherman came to Portugal for the first and (until now) the only time. On that trip, she was accompanied by her sister, whose husband is Portuguese, and they visited the Algarve: “It was an incredible.Other times, when I look at the initial photographs, I think, in the process of growth, I went through phases in which I was more similar to this or that character, but just that.” The woman of a thousand faces doesn’t know exactly what makes her choose this or that character, this or that action, this or that scenario: “Sometimes it’s an awakening, other times, clothes… My brother-in-law moved to the USA when he was eight, he grew up as an American, but he’s totally besotted with Portuguese culture”.Yesterday, in the company of her husband, the legendary musician David Byrne, Cindy discovered the wonders of Sintra, which she has now added to her list of Portuguese favourites, which already included food and music: “I would like to have more time to discover the countryside. “When I travel, there are lots of places where I could live, where I feel somethnig special. It’s a long way, but the Australians have a big appetite and respect for contemporary art.For example, here, in Cascais, close to the ocean, to the mountain and Lisbon. I also liked Singapore, because it’s fascinating, multicultural and exotic. It’s because of its multicultural character that I live in New York, which is something I also found in cities like Melbourne, Perth and Brisbane.” When she’s not working in New York, Cindy prefers to spend time in her house in the country.

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