Datingsitebuilder com

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Datingsitebuilder com

Good running dating products may have one mistake: Due to their success, they are used a lot and the user memorize the branding.To deal with this very successful offer, give your visitors the feeling to see something new - a White Label is the best way!

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Choose your prefered provision type (PPS, Rev-Share, …) In deciding to promote an offer or not, it is ultimately about the sales, which you can achieve.And this in turn depends strongly on the manner in which the offer is being advertised.So that your work really pays, you can select between different types of commission in our system.Whether Rev-Share for recurring revenues or eg PPS for users of campaigns - the choice is yours!Your site for mobile users in 10 different countries.The Internet gives you the opportunity to take action far beyond the country's borders.

Online dating is all over the world a topic - and just the mobile use of such offers is extremely profitable in many countries.

We offer you therefore not only the opportunity to promote dating products for one or perhaps two countries, but can offer you 10 countries to which you can align your marketing.

Get 5% bonus for referred webmasters in our system Earn money without working for it?

These promises have already been made many times - with the Referral Bonus they are, however, also true.

Can you get other webmasters to sign up in our system and to promote the product, you will receive 5 percent commission on sales made by them.

So you let others work for you and earn at each of their sales, too!