Dating while on vacation

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My former workplace was the kind of place where it was very difficult to take any sort of vacation time — we were super understaffed and had extremely heavy workloads.

There were about half a dozen key things I was responsible for that needed to happen while I was out.

I met with each person impacted by those key issues, explained to them that I’d be on vacation during that time, and detailed for them what needed to take place.

It was generally along the lines of “Creative assets for Project X need to be completed and emailed to the client on Tuesday, and handed off to the developers no later than Thursday in order to stay on schedule.

Wakeen, the account manager on this project, will coordinate both client signoff and asset handoff, so please work with him on your deliverables and cc: my manager on everything.”On my last day before vacation, I put together a single email documenting each of the key things that needed to happen, with all of the handoffs listed and people involved, and sent it to my manager.

I specifically asked him if he could follow up on a few of the items that were either super urgent or that I feared might hit a sticking point somewhere: “Item A is business critical so I’d appreciate if you could confirm with accounting that it went through by Tuesday EOB; everyone knows their roles on this but since things are so busy here I’m concerned X might fall through the cracks” or “Jane has promised her deliverables by Wednesday but she really benefits from a reminder the day before something is due, so would you mind checking in with her on Tuesday? He told me in no uncertain terms that I should be assigning somebody else to follow up on my work, period, and that he was NOT responsible for my work.

I was really surprised by this, because whenever I’ve managed someone, I’ve considered their success to be ultimately my responsibility, and always served as a fallback for them when they were out.

Additionally, I did not have a direct report to assign these tasks to at this job — I could and did ask people on my team to help out and check in on things, but there wasn’t someone I could just say “Jose, I need you to email Jane on Tuesday about this project” and assume that they’d do it. If I were your manager, I’d be delighted that you were so on top of this stuff.

Everybody was so busy that I could ask colleagues for favors and hope for the best, but I thought it made sense to ask my manager to stay on top of a few of the most key elements in case my colleagues were too busy to remember to do my work on top of their own. Is it inappropriate to ask your manager to follow up on a few key elements while you’re out? However, it doesn’t necessarily follow that I would agree that I was the best person to handle the things you were asking me to cover.

The things I asked him to check in on wouldn’t have taken more than a few minutes out of his day each day I was gone. I might need to be focused on other things that week, or know that my schedule was already in triage mode, or simply feel like someone else was perfectly well equipped to do it.

So it’s possible that the substance of your manager’s stance was reasonable, even though the way he delivered it was ridiculous and awfully jerky.

He instead could have said, “Thanks so much for making all these arrangements and ensuring everything is covered.

I don’t think I’ll have time to follow up with accounting or check with Jane on her deliverables, so how about asking Cecil to do that?

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