Dating telecaster body

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application Extremely balanced true single-coil pickup developed for Nashville studio players.Recommended for traditional country, country pop, blues, and classic rock.

Body is flat, single cut and it`s topped with a plastic white pickguard.[……]Rare early De Temple T all made by Mike himself…and I encourage you to read up on how he builds them…not some furniture repairman using premade bodies and necks and slapping a logo on them …Mike makes these the good ol fashioned way. They are spe[……] Read more Guitarists who reviewed Vintage Hot Rod ’52 Telecaster play these music styles: Alternative, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Punk, Southern Rock, Surf, Classic Rock, Folk, Country, Blues Rock.Click on any music style name to find electric guitars likely suitable for that genre[……]That said, an NOS Nocaster will set you back £2099, so therein lies the difference. The serial number is not very useful, so the usual method is the date stamp on the neck butt and the body neck cavity.If you like the aged look, then the only answer that doesn’t involve sandpaper is to distress it the old-fashioned way… So, rather than evoking the worn-in comfort of your favourite pai[……] Read more The Fender Standard Telecaster is the electric guitar that started a musical revolution. Since the Telecaster’s introduction in the early ’50s, professional guitarists of all musical genres have relied on the Fender[……]Here is a sweet Fender ’52 Reissue Telecaster electric guitar, in excellent condition. The Fender Telecaster was originally introduced in 1949, and has been made continuously since then, as of 2010.This solid-body electric guitar won fans among professional musicians, many of whom played Telecasters over the following years.Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck, Jimi Hendrix and Bob Dylan all played a Telecaster.

Dating a Telecaster is not an exact science, as the dates on the various pieces of the guitar may be inaccurate if the pieces were manufactured before they were incorporated into the instrument.However, the serial numbers on the neck will provide the rough age of the instrument, according to Chrome metal parts kit , everything needed just add a wooden body and a neck. We rather take care of your order instead of stressing and make p...This kit gives you all the hardware parts you need to construct a telecaster guitar. These are good replacement for Vintage 50's Telecaster where the ferrules are flushed with the body. We make sure all items we ship are of the best quality.String Ferrules (6 pieces) for Guitar, Nickel Plate, 9.3mm external diameter and 6.2 internal diame...6x Chrome Guitar String Through Body Ferrule 1/4 String Ferrules for Telecaster. -Perfect for that string through body build or repair.