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I was arguing with some people in a forum with Facebook login plug-in.

I reported on someone pretending to be me on Facebook and received a "it does not violate community standards" so I reported my picture being used along with my deceased father's picture on Facebook under someone else's name.

Facebook came back again saying it does not violate community standards.

My friends even reported the fake account and Facebook didn't do anything about it.

I feel like Facebook does not do a good job protecting our identity and when you report it to them they don't even bother to do anything about it.

It was not right for Facebook to tell me it doesn't violate community standards, like how does that not?

My pictures were being used and my father's pictures were used from my actual account.

I personally messaged the person who used the account under a different and told them I will take this matter to the police and have them track him or her down.

After that, the person had removed the profile because I informed it was unlawful.

Facebook truly does not do anything to make me feel secure about my account despite it being private.

They need to take more action in efforts to keeping users safe or help them with their reports.

I am an expat from South Africa living in Malaysia KL. Initially I did not have a problem with this as I can be expressive and may have posted something questionable, but then I noticed that the reason they gave was that a image or video of a child under the age of 18 of a sexual explicit nature had been posted. The reason I am contacting Consumer Affairs and one I never shared with them is that I feel I should not be put into the same category as a pedophile!

I have since contacted FB and requested that they tell me which post/video they found offensive as I am NOW taking huge offense as they did not inform me as to what post caused my account to be suspended! My sister was abused as a 12 year old by a neighbor which caused emotional damage to the whole family!

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