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The Northwest District is a densely populated retail and residential neighborhood in the northwest section of Portland, Oregon.

The district stretches west to east from the base of the West Hills (Tualatin Mountains) to I-405 (between NW 15th and 16th avenues), and north to south from NW Nicolai Street and the Willamette River to W Burnside St.

It borders the neighborhoods of Forest Park and Hillside on the west, Northwest Industrial on the north, the Pearl District on the east, and Goose Hollow on the south.

This part of Portland is known more by names for various streets and areas within it than by its official name.

These include: Beyond NW 21st and 23rd are residential districts and recreational areas, such as the forested Macleay Park (acquired 1897, in the Forest Park neighborhood).

Parks within the Northwest District include Couch Park (1977) and Wallace Park (1920).

Northwest District public schools include Chapman Elementary School and the Metropolitan Learning Center.

Legacy Good Samaritan Hospital and Medical Center and Linfield College-Portland Campus are located between NW 23rd and NW 22nd avenues.

Several characters in Portland native Matt Groening's television show The Simpsons have names based on the alphabetically named streets in the Northwest District: Ned Flanders, the bully Kearney, Reverend Lovejoy, Mayor Quimby, Milhouse Van Houten (actually in North Portland), and possibly C.

Montgomery Burns[ide] (also named for the large neon Montgomery Park, formerly Montgomery Ward, sign).

Join the Northwest Bears on Sunday, September 18, 2016 as we travel with Clipper Vacations for a day of whale watching in the San Juan Islands. Elston, (tbear or tjdabear in most circles) and I am the newly elected President of the Northwest Bears.

This excursion leaves directly from downtown Seattle and returns on the same day.

This is done to make any date a little easier on everyone and to also keep people from feeling upset or hostile.

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