Dating dragons

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Paige (Savanna Rae) enjoys the multitude of choices that come along after she rolls the die.

Playwright Mike Ooi pays a lot of lip service to the idea of rules throughout his script.

However, Jack’s dedication to consistent game play is not what gets in the way of his connection with Diane.

So the many sequences in which Jack or various other characters explain the games they are playing — often named by generic terms as an in-joke for the characters and as a safety measure for Factory itself — waste valuable stage time that could be spent developing dramatic stakes for Jack and Diane.

The audience does not need to know how to play the games these characters enjoy, unless those rules impact the real world they live in, and much to Gus’ pleasure, they really don’t.

Show: “Dating & Dragons” Company: The Factory Theater Venue: The Factory Theater (1623 W Howard) Die Roll: 16 Games, whether you’re talking about Monopoly, Risk, Magic, or Dungeons & Dragons, are governed by rules.

Players can make prescribed choices at specific junctures while playing.

Despite the comfort such routine may bring, games are also governed by chance.More often than not, a player rolls a many-sided die to determine his or her fate.And they have no control over what which way the roll lands.This is a truth that Jack (Nick Freed) struggles with in The Factory Theater’s “Dating & Dragons,” currently running at the company’s new Howard space.Jack is a dungeon master for his group of friends; he controls the high fantasy adventures and card games they play multiple times a week.Gus (Josh Zagoren) takes the rules and routines of each game most seriously, clearly finding real life a boring slog.