Dating a guy in a wheelchair

28-Aug-2015 11:54 by 8 Comments

Dating a guy in a wheelchair - Free adult chat rooms no sign up canada

While it may sound odd at face value I feel very fortunate in having the insight of that tumultuous experience.People find me easy to talk to and often share with me their most intimate thoughts.

Post your secret wheelchair life quotes and secret disability confessions.

You can post under an alias name if you like, your anonymity is safe here.

If anyone is willing to strip down and send me a clear photo (and what you want written) I’ll add it here as well.

I am hoping in one of these ways you will feel comfortable enough to share your secret feelings thoughts and desires.

Ever wonder why a total stranger finds it so easy to tell you their life story.

Deepest darkest secrets they’ve never, and probably will never, tell anyone else. There is security in knowing you will never see someone again.

Most of us carry secrets we would like to share, to get off our chest and be heard, or gauge a reaction to hear an opinion on.Whatever the reason anonymity allows many to drop their inhibitions, and share secret heart felt confessions.Most experience a life changing event within our lifetime.Triumph or tragedy, the birth of a child or death of a loved one for example.It’s at these times we often take a retrospective look at ourselves and revaluate our worth our ethos and perspectives.Spinal cord injury is without doubt a tumultuous life changing event.