Coldfusion form not validating

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Validation techniques also vary in where and when they execute; for example, on the client browser when the user submits form data, or on the server when processing data.

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For detailed information on using masks, see Handling invalid data.

In HTML and XML format, Cold Fusion generates Java Script that runs on the browser to check whether entered data is valid and provide immediate feedback, if the entry is invalid.

In Flash format, uses Flash built-in validation routines.

In HTML or XML format, the validation logic is identical to on Blur validation, but the test is not done until the user submits the form.

You can validate input on either the client by adding Java Script to the form page or the server using HTML and CFML.

When you validate on the client, form fields are validated as you fill them in.

When you validate on the server, form fields are validated after the form is submitted.During this chapter, you will perform Cold Fusion server-side form field validation using the hidden HTML input form control.When the field loses focus (on Blur), the input is validated for only the first of the conditions in the validate parameter (it changes when I swap the order).This is the html / JS code that is auto generated: That works for an integer in the range of 0-999, but not, say, 79-1213 (or 0-1000 as in the question).Although I could probably come up with a regex that would work, it probably wouldn't be general purpose. Different validation techniques apply to different Cold Fusion tags or coding environments; for example, you can use masking only in HTML and Flash format cfinput tags.

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