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Mike Tyson converted to Islam in prison after being convicted of rape in 1992. As he was becoming a Muslim and reading the Koran, he was also having illicit sex with a woman who was his prison drug counselor; "so much sex that I was too tired to even go to the gym," he says in his new memoir, Tyson's book, co-written with Larry Sloman, begins in Brooklyn, and after he becomes the youngest heavyweight champion in history at age 20, accelerates into a long period of Jackie Collins-level excess: drugs, mansions, cars, orgies.

"I was a pudgy kid, very shy," he writes, "and I spoke with a lisp." Constantly bullied, he found his identity by robbing houses, beating people up, and doing drugs. 7 Knockout Mike Tyson Cameos A lot of stars write memoirs; few of these memoirs have a body count. If we could go back in time, and tell the 10-year old Mike Tyson that in the future, he'd be a heavyweight boxing champ, an actor, and an author, which element of that would be most surprising? If not dead, I would have ended up in jail most of my life, shot, or else I would have gotten a job packing bags at Key Food.

His mother, who had sex with men while Mike slept in the bed, died when he was 16. Leave me alone" And the crowd thinks it's part of the show. I did a role in where I was in jail for killing a guy that sexually abused me when I was a kid. Reading the book made me wonder this: Who do you hate more, Robin Givens or Don King?

In his book and his one-man HBO special, titled , he describes the deaths of his mother, father, sister, several friends, and trainer and mentor Cus D' Amato, all before he turns 29. "Hey, you dumb son of a bitch, why you looking at me like that? Yeah, because if I'm getting too carried away, my wife will say, "Bring it in, bring it in. Get back on script." Sometimes I'm talking about stuff, and she says, "Hey, cut that out, you sound like a perv." Or she'll say, "You sound stupid now, Mike." Do you ever say to her, "Stop telling me I sound stupid"? [ movies, are you getting offered a lot of acting roles now? I'm going to do a martial-arts movie in Algeria.

Given the anger Tyson expresses towards his enemies – including his former manager, Don King, and ex-wife, Robin Givens – it almost seems like the dead ones were lucky. " And I'm like, Holy shit, if ya'll not gonna listen to what I'm saying, why'd I even come here? Then he got back up and said, "You like my clothes, Mike? " [.] Another guy in Australia came with a big sword. When you're doing the show, do you ever lose your place or forget where you were in the script? And then Werner Herzog will have me in one of his movies (Vernon God Little) as well, playing a convict.

As a boxer, "I immersed myself in the role of the arrogant sociopath," he writes, but Tyson has gotten into frequent trouble because he lacked an ability to step in and out of the role. The whole show, the whole 90 minutes -- I mean, what the fuck? Listen, I was in Australia, when an Indian guy tried to jump off the bleacher onto the stage. I'm gonna be in orgasmicland; that's really big for me. That means I'm going to be very goddamn happy.

In the third act of his life, Tyson, now 47, has remade himself as an actor (most notably in , in which he sings "One Night in Bangkok"), a boxing promoter, and a family man. I just keep talking and they're not listening.

Kiki Tyson, his third wife, is credited as the writer of his one-man show, which he has been performing on a world tour, and he claims to now life quietly, in Las Vegas. They're screaming: "FUCK DON KING, I' M GONNA KICK HIS ASS FOR YA! " And I'm like, We weren't even talking about Robin at that time. This probably doesn't happen to Sir Ian Mc Kellen he comes on stage.

recently spoke with Tyson about his new book, anger and therapy, giving up the club life, and much more. Did you re-experience all of it while you read the book? Several times, you describe yourself as behaving like "an Uncle Tom." For you, what constitutes being a "Tom"?

Read an Excerpt from Mike Tyson's ' Undisputed Truth' Your memoir is grueling to read: it's more than 500 pages of death, violence, betrayal, addiction, and venereal diseases. When I say that, I mean a non-threatening black man. Don't you think people feel threatened by you because you used to hit people for a living, and you had fights outside the ring, too? Sometimes it gets so rowdy, they never hear what the hell I'm saying.

But here's the problem: if that's true, then the only way to not be a "Tom" is to be a threatening black man, right? I'm talking about the perception of threatening. For instance, did you see Alec Baldwin, how he confronted that woman the other day? I like living with my family and my wife, and I don't want to lose it because I'm sensitive, and I felt offended by somebody, in a way that no one else, not one out of a million people, could see. But Alec Baldwin isn't viewed as a threatening man. That was very frightening, when he confronted that woman like that. He would have been brought up on some kind of charges if he was black. We ad-lib a lot too and sometimes the ad-libs are so much better than the script.

If I would've did that, or some other threatening black guy, somebody would've shot me. The whole town would've jumped on me, thinking I was gonna rape this woman. I didn't know what he was going to do, or what frame of mind he was in.

So because you're black, you have to constantly curtail your instincts? Are white people clairvoyant when they say, "Well, he's not going to hurt anyone"? When they're thirsty, the tigers are not chasing the gazelles, the elephants are not fighting with the rhinoceruses.

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