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I've noticed that all designs I have come across can be multi-threaded using the actor mode - separating each work module into a different actor and using a message queue (for me a . People learn about threading in the context of semaphores, shared memory, etc, and generally that's it.

CSP itself is a process calculi, and if that phrase doesn't put of the average programmer I don't know what will!

The result of this poor teaching is that quite a lot of programmers find threads hard and a little bit scary.

To add to my last, there are various other multi threading models beyond CSP.

This Wikipedia page lists several others like CCS, ACP, and LOTOS.

Reading those articles hints at a deep and dark cavern where academics roam, waiting to pounce on a stray software developer.

The problem is that academic obscurity often means a complete lack of tools and libraries at the practical, usable level.

It takes a lot of effort to convert a sound, proven academic study into a set of libraries and tools.There's little real incentive for the wider software community to take up a theoretical paper and turn it into a practical reality.I like CSP because it's actually dead simple to implement your own CSP library based on select() or pselect().I've done that several times now (I must learn about code re-use), plus the nice people at Kent University put together JCSP for those who like Java.I don't recommend developing in Occam (though it's still just about possible); support and maintainability are going to be issues going forward.CSP is probably the easiest one to get into, and given its good characteristics it's well worthwhile.

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