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An epic adventure with clueless rich kids (ahem, young gentleman), space pirates, robot butlers, ancient artifacts (because there's ALWAYS an artifact AND a legend), and half-mad, nigh-psychotic space sheep. Johnny Saturn is the tale of a hard-bitten mystery man and his mission to hunt down and foil the plots of master terrorist, Dr. This drama is post-modern superhero crime noir at its grittiest!The crew of the Excelsior just got stuck with the worst captain in the universe.

Now Zap must find a way to prove he’s captain material while dealing with his faulty memory, his weird psychic powers, a crew that doesn't accept him, and clothes that don't fit. If you thought college was hell, wait till you meet your roommates!Survival, knives, tracking, Traditional camping, warriors, science fiction, motorcycles, military, native americans, tanks, apocalyptic, shamans, outdoor gear, fusion power, pacific northwest, birding, weapons, hiking, ultralight, spirituality, art, illustration, nature, animals, zoos, totems, adventure, cross country, explore, investigation, wonder, kung fu, self-defence, science, helicopters, alternate energy sources, healing, new age, holistic, naturopath, alternative medicine, mechs, supernatural, medium, buddhism, time travel. This strip features three perfect strangers trying to live together without strangling each other, their cute neighbors, an evil hand puppet and a pet rock named Fluffy A group of mismatched people in a world of 'humans' unlike themselves.They struggle to live normally while dealing with their other selves: a supernatural world of uncontrollable evils.This is an adventure manga for those who enjoy paranormal stories of drama and darkness with a little fluff in between.You're currently surfing the Wapsi Square archives.The comic that deals with relationships, single life, mythical monsters, muscular women, bra shops, cigars, real ale, fantasy rpg, microbrewery, bikinis, photography, dating, guitars, music, bands, night clubs, swing dancing Equal parts comics and commentary, Penny Arcade features Tycho and Gabe, the alter egos of creators Mike Krahulik and Jerry Holkins.

Read about the antics and thoughts of the Penny Arcade crew, updated every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.Enter Oris, a world full of conflicts, some as old as time itself.Conflicts between nations, between magic, nature, and society, between mankind and dragons, and even between brethren.Join the young priest Jerome and his companions as they journey to make the world a better place and discover that perhaps the reason the world hasn't changed is that it takes the wrong kind of person to change it...Squirrel is the official home of Squirrel Works Comix, the coolest, independent comic community.From our site, we serve up the coolest cartoons, comics, and more while providing a dynamic community for cartoon fanatics.