Bob jones university ends ban on interracial dating

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Bob jones university ends ban on interracial dating

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Background Information Bob Jones University is a conservative, evangelical Christian university that believes interracial dating and marriage is contrary to the its faith.

At the time of this case, it refused to admit any black students at all.

In 1970, based on its interpretation of the 1964 Civil Rights Act, the Internal Revenue Service decided to prohibit granting tax-exempt status to any private schools that practiced racial discrimination.

In 1971, Bob Jones University altered its policy and admitted black students who were married "within their own race," but continued its exclusion of unmarried black students.

In 1975 it changed its policy once more and began to admit unmarried black students, but enforced strict rules against any interracial dating and expelled anyone who violated this rule.

Included in this case was another religious school that also racially discriminated in its admissions process.

Both schools sued when the IRS finally revoked their tax-exemptions in 1975, even though they had not violated any of the provisions of their 501(c)(3) tax exempt status.

Court Decision The Supreme Court upheld the IRS's Court Decision by an 8-1 vote in 1983.

In his majority opinion, Chief Justice Warren Burger found that the Internal Revenue accurately interpreted the law by prohibiting tax exempt status to even religious schools with racially discriminatory policies.

The purpose behind relieving schools from paying taxes is that they serve a charitable function for the whole community.

However, racially discriminatory policies outweighed those benefits and, hence, the IRS did not exceed its authority.

Moreover, Burger argued that the reason why charitable organizations' tax exemptions are predicated upon serving general community interests is the fact that when such exemptions are granted, "all taxpayers are affected; the very fact of the exemption or deduction for the donor means that other taxpayers can be said to be indirect and vicarious "donors." " Thus, charitable exemptions are justified entirely on the basis that when an organization is given an exemption, that organization is providing a public benefit and that the organization is not "so at odds with the common community conscience as to undermine any public benefit that might otherwise be conferred." The IRS policy was based on neutral, secular reasons and the Court decision would not prevent discriminatory schools from operating as usual.

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