Bebefit of consolidating land ontario

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Geosec successfully resolves the weaknesses of consolidating the land development foundation with targeted injection of resins blowing. At its August 12th meeting, Council will be asked to declare certain property surplus to municipal needs for the purposes of its sale to abutting property owner.

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This parcel of land was historically travelled upon by vehicles when there were forestry-related industries in the area and one or more residences.A bridge that apparently used to exist across the Cloud River, connecting to this land parcel, is no longer there.The use of the land parcel by vehicles pre-dated the Municipality’s ownership of this land.Neebing obtained title in 1999 for a nominal sum, as part of an agreement with the former land owner.It is not a road within the Municipality’s road inventory, and has not been maintained as such by the Municipality.The Municipality does not intend to increase its road inventory through construction of a road on this parcel of land in this location.

At a Council meeting in March of 2014, the abutting property owner, 1358872 Ontario Inc., requested to purchase the land for the purposes of consolidating it with the surrounding lands, which it owns, and Council agreed.

Included with this Advertisement are maps/diagrams (in PDF format) showing first, a map of the entire Municipality, second, a closer look at the area in which this land is situated, third, an aerial image of the land, and finally, a copy of the property Reference Plan, with the land parcel that is being declared surplus coloured in green.

This advertisement, and the declaration of the property as surplus to municipal needs, are in accordance with the Municipality’s Land Sale procedures.

Comments or concerns can be made known to Council in any of the following ways: Please note that verbal comments and anonymous comments are not considered.

Comments and concerns must be written, and the person or persons making the comments or concerns known must be identified.

Larger scale maps and diagrams may be viewed at the Municipal Office.