Be2 online dating complaints

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Be2 online dating complaints

Be2 was founded in Germany and expanded to Australia in 2007.Today, it is one of the most visited online dating agencies with over 35 million members in over 34 countries.

;) Those negative reviews always evolve around two aspects: Fake emails and difficult cancellation process.Of course, each business has its own marketing strategies and those of be2 might be peculiar in some ways but it’s no scam.There wouldn’t be 150,000 people each month in Australia visiting the be2 website and accessing a total of more than 3 million be2 pages. After all, be2 is a very clear and simple to use dating website offering its members a huge user database.However, it is pursuing rigorous marketing strategies.After having registered at be2 you immediately start receiving numerous emails informing you of who’s interested in you. Although it says “Cathy is interested in you”, said Cathy probably doesn’t know anything about you but has just chosen similar search criteria.This is a kind of misleading marketing strategy but it doesn’t make be2 a scam.

So, if Cathy looks pleasing to you, get in touch with her; if not, don’t bother.

Another peculiar be2 marketing strategy concerns membership cancellation.

In its Terms and Conditions it says “the Client terminates in writing fourteen days before expiry of the access period or, if another termination period was communicated when buying the access period”.

If not cancelled on time, your membership will automatically be renewed. Be2 further states that “termination must be requested using the respective link in “Settings” in “Premium Membership”, if available, or by facsimile”, but there are many user complaints that the link doesn’t always work and this isn’t common practice anymore.

We really hope be2 will facilitate its cancellation process in the near future!

We’ve been told that cancelling via fax is the best and most secure way, if you inlcude the following information: full name, address, email-address, username, date of purchase of Premium Membership, total sum of payments, reason for cancellation.

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