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Bc to ad dating system - lonely moms dating service

Signs of cancer are found on the bones of mummies from ancient Egypt and Peru dating back as far as 3000 BC.

The original document, written in 3000 BC, was acquired in 1862 by Edwin Smith at Luxor, Egypt.2 3 4 Known today as the father of medicine, proposed the Humoral Theory of Medicine, which states that the body is composed of four fluids, or humors: blood, phlegm, yellow bile, and black bile.

Any imbalance of these fluids was thought to cause disease. Hippocrates was the first to use the words "carcinos" and "" to describe tumors, and hence the term "cancer" was coined.

"Cancer" is derived from the Greek word "karkinos," or crab, which is thought to reference the appearance of blood vessels on tumors resembling a crab's claws reaching out.

He believed that it was best to leave cancer alone because those who got treatment didn't survive as long.123 Galen was a Roman physician and a believer in the Humoral Theory of Medicine proposed by Hippocrates.

He believed cancer to be curable in early stages, and that advanced tumors should be operated upon either by cutting around the affected area or by cauterization.

Galen thought unhealthy diet and bad climate were directly connected to cancer.12 Paul of Aegina was one of the most prominent Byzantine physicians He wrote a seven volume Epitome of Medicine.

In his opinion, cancer of the breast and uterus were the most common.In the sixth book of the Epitome, exclusively to do with surgery, he asserted that surgery on uterine cancer was useless.For breast cancer, he recommended removal as opposed to cauterization.12 Moses Maimonides was a prominent physician, scientist, and philosopher, wrote ten medical treatises.His fifth treatise contains surgical aphorisms, some of which pertain to his treatment of cancer.His treatment of large tumors, as he wrote, involves "excis[ing] the tumor and uproots the entire tumor and its surroundings up to the point of healthy tissue, except if the tumor contains large vessels & [or] the tumor happens to be situated in close proximity to any major organ, excision is dangerous."12 Ramazzini noticed the virtual absence of cervical cancer among nuns, and the high incidence of breast cancer within the same population.He concluded that this difference must be due to their different lifestyle, namely their abstinence.

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