Ati catalyst not updating

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If you’re having trouble hunting down the drivers or getting them to work, we’ve got you covered.

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Have you been having driver issues with your ATI card?

Please let us know how you managed to resolve it in the comments after you’ve read the article.

If you want to know whether your driver is updated to the latest version, or if you just want to know what you’re running, then you can find that information out easily.

First, perform a system search for dxdiag and select the relevant result.

This will load up the Direct X Diagnostic Tool and it’ll provide you with an overview of your system components.

Switch to the Display tab and check out the information provided in the Drivers section on the right.

The Version will be the number of your driver and the Date will be when that driver was published, rather than when you installed it.

While it isn’t necessary to update your drivers if you’re not having any problems, you might find that newer versions have some performance enhancements, especially for gaming.

If you’ve jumped between graphics cards or have installed multiple drivers, it might be worth removing everything and starting from scratch to avoid them all clashing.

This is especially recommended if you’re actually having display problems.

If you have the AMD Catalyst Control Center installed then you can use this utility to remove your drivers.

Search your system for uninstall a program and select the relevant result.

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