Apartment dating sale

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Apartment dating sale

3eme and 4eme comprise the area known as the Marais with its mansions and vibrant lifestyle.

Surrounding the northern edges of the centre of Paris, Wards 8eme to 12eme include sights such as the Champs Elysee, Paris Opera, Moulin Rouge, the Place de la Bastille, and the two large main train stations of the Gare l'Est and the Gare du Nord.

We have a wide choice of Paris apartments in wards 8eme, 9eme, 10eme, 11eme and 12eme.

Wards 13eme, 14eme and 15eme are mainly residential and include Paris' Chinatown and two Universities: Montparnasse and the Cité.

We have a wide choice of Paris apartments in wards 13eme, 14eme and 15eme.

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Paris, synonymous with cuisine and culture, is the hook upon which the rest of France hangs.

As its capital, Paris naturally attracts a cosmopolitan mix of the world's tourists, students, artisans and connoisseurs who come to soak up the history, stunning architecture and world-renowned cultural attractions.

Paris is divided into 20 numbered arrondissements, with surrounding suburbs (banlieue).

The numbers increment in a spiral pattern from the centre.

We offer a wide choice of Paris apartments in many of the arrondissements.

The centre of Paris includes Wards 1 to 4 (1eme to 4eme) which offer are a mixture of business and pleasure, being home to a major business district and the Stock Market and exalted locations such as the Louvre and Palais Royal.