American girl dating korean boy

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Fangirls are always abuzz when it comes to their beloved artists. were spotted intimately close with each other in a concert they attended. This happened at one of the concerts presented by SM Entertainment. The article cited likewise a fan posting that he is just a gentleman. IB Times reported there was a social media user who claimed there is something between them using the photos he released about the two. Stay tuned on Movie News Guide (MNG) for more updates.

EXO, in particular, have several eyes observing every move they make in public. Is this the start of something wonderful for these celebrities? As what Korea Boo cited, there was a Korean media outlet who claimed the two “officially admits to dating” as D. Eyewitnesses claimed he was gently clutching the wrist of Irene to provide support while she goes down the stage. He even showed the same respect to Lee Sun Hee as he escorts her in the “I’m Korea” concert. The photos were even uploaded on Pann, a blogging website, with the title that they are allegedly dating.

Another fan became annoyed with the allegations pointing out that the all-boys group is so famous that “they link everyone to them for attention.”Related Article: IS ‘EXO’ MEMBER D. Again, fans immediately dismiss the rumor and firmly answered back that the EXO and Girl’s Day member are together in those photos because they were filming for the upcoming movie entitled “Innocence”.

was involved in a romantic controversy about Park Sojin. Or it is just in his personality to show courtesy and respect to girls that people mistaken it for something else?

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