Aide certificate got nurse updating

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The nurse aide curriculum establishes the minimum course standards for approved nurse aide training programs.

Each lesson provides objectives, terms, content, and review questions.Each nurse aide training program is expected to include this content as part of their course.Indiana Nurse Aide Curriculum (Updated 3/21/2014) The link below is to the prior Nurse Aide Curriculum that was adopted in July 1998 and continues through December 31, 2013.Nurse Aide Education Programs may elect to change to the new curriculum prior to that date.A certified nurse aide is a person who works primarily in long term care (nursing homes) assisting residents with activities of daily living under the supervision of a nurse.The ISDH Certified Nurse Aide Registration Program ensures that certified nurse aides meet the qualifications for a certified nurse aide and are appropriately registered on the Aide Registry.

Indiana State Department of Health Division of Healthcare Education and Quality 2 North Meridian Street, 4B Indianapolis, IN 46204 (317) 233-7442 (Long Term Care Receptionist) (317) 233-1325 (ISDH Main Switchboard) Map Aide Registry Program Manager Darlene Jones [email protected] (317) 233-7351 (317) 233-7750 [Fax] Aide Education and Training Program Manager Gina Berkshire [email protected] (317) 233-7497 Report a complaint regarding a health care facility Individuals can call or email to make complaints about care provided at any licensed or certified Indiana health care providers or suppliers.Report an incident regarding a health care facility The Incident Report Form is for health care facilities to notify the Indiana State Department of Health of a reportable incident pursuant to the ISDH Reportable Unusual Occurrence Policy.The Incident Report Form is also for health care facility staff (nursing homes, intermediate care facilities, and hospice agencies) to report a reasonable suspicion of a crime against a resident pursuant to Federal regulations. Approved Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Training Programs Application for Approval to Operate a Nurse Aide Training Program Certified Nurse Aide (CNA) Renewal Form Frequently Asked Questions about the certified nurse aide registration program.A Certified Nurse Aide must meet the following requirements: A nurse aide training program consists of a minimum of 30 hours of classroom instruction and 75 hours of clinical training.The training program must be approved by Indiana State Department of Health (ISDH).The ISDH is responsible for providing oversight of nurse aide training and competency programs.

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