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-- The sky is finally clearing after a dreary day, and Steven Thompson strides past the young vines at his Analemma winery.The Mosier Valley beyond is blanketed with cherry trees.He bends down, clips a stalk of fresh asparagus, still purple on the stalk, and hands it to me to eat, raw."Exciting time," he says, "to be in this small town." About 75 minutes due east of Portland, this is the heart of the Columbia Gorge, one of the world's most climatically diverse places.Here, the mighty Columbia River cleaves Washington from Oregon. Among the area's 30 wineries you'll find some of the Northwest's most daring winemakers, many committed to organic and biodynamic farming.So why has virtually no one heard of the Columbia Gorge?

For one thing, because it doesn't fit neatly into anyone's elevator tale.Oregon prefers to look west, to tell tales of Pinot Noir in the lush Willamette Valley.Washington's hopes lie east, in the Columbia Valley, where Syrah, Cabernet and even Riesling can thrive; it occupies a vast swath of the mostly arid desert.The Columbia Gorge appellation, created in 2004, sits squarely in between, neither desert nor coastal hills.Its relative isolation has provided pioneers like Thompson the chance to plot a very different future for Northwest wine.Thompson improbably harvests Pinot Noir - Oregon's hallmark - from hills on the Washington side.