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Hello Kolkata, the cultural capital of India whose 14 million people mostly survive in poverty while living life on the chaotic streets.Every rainy season transforms the city with monsoon storms that shroud its grand but crumbling architecture in a watery veil to bring out its beauty.

That may be why in Kolkata (or West Bengal state, of which the city is the capital) we have six seasons: winter, spring, summer, rains, autumn and late autumn.Probably no other Indian region bothers to differentiate climate in such detail.Out of these six seasons, the rains are the most welcome.To apply the mere geographical term “monsoon” to this season would amount to blasphemy.In Bengal, it is called “barsha”, a word that brings with it the rolling of thunder in the skies and the parched earth turning a magical green overnight.People celebrate the end of the hellish, sweltering summer and welcome the renewed fecundity of the land with a romantic intensity.

The gargantuan River Ganga splits up into a vast delta at Kolkata and its surrounds, draining into the Bay of Bengal and giving the city an umbilical link with water.

As my plane lowers to land at Dum Dum Airport, I can see patches of watery green lowlands amid the sprawling suburbs.

No amount of urbanization can kill the beauty of large patches of green with frequent ponds covered in water hyacinth.

The thatched huts along the road into the city, which still serve as homes to many underprivileged people, add to the landscape.

They are like a throwback to some idyllic village scene, where the woven bamboo matting of the walls and roofs is painfully beautiful.

Under the blurring veil of rain, the view could be a black-and-white rural scene from a Satyajit Ray film.