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I had been lazy, I had used a low-quality, low-security password, and I paid the price.

It was only when I asked for help from my Twitter followers that I regained access to the account.

In other words, if I didn’t have so many Twitter followers, I would have permanently lost my account.

This event and a hundred headlines convinced me of the need for better security.

Recent news stories have once again shown the importance of properly securing accounts, apps and services behind best practices.

Here are 5 steps you need to take to protect yourself online.

Surely you know by now that a bad password is, well, bad.

You make a criminal’s life exponentially more difficult if you determine you will use stronger and better passwords.

Of course it’s not always quite so simple, as there is endless debate over what constitutes a good password.

But whatever camp you represent, a good password is one that protects your account one that you can actually remember. Find a password that is long but also easy to remember.

Four random words strung together will protect your account better than a much shorter string of random numbers, letters and other characters; a mnemonic device of some description should help you remember those words.

As he suggests in his comic, consider putting together a silly little story or scenario to help you retain it.

You can use this random word generator to get you started.