10 rules for dating

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Dozens of people have asked me to address dating within the nonprofit sector, and by dozens of people, I mean one drunk single person at a fundraising gala.

But more importantly, our work depends on the rest of society understanding and appreciating the role that nonprofit plays, so we have to marry outward.

It’s not gold digging, it’s thinking of the children.

Rule 2: No matter how radiant they are, never ask a program officer out who may fund your org.

Sure, you may have kickass pickup lines like, “Does RFP stand for ‘Really Fine Person?

The show related to me in many ways, and the parents were portrayed perfectly. Watching this sitcom I gave others a chance, I now enjoy, "My wife and kids" and "Friends", but there's still some I hate...

The girls get fake IDs; and Bridget gives their number to a cop. Over the next few months I was hooked into my couch on Saturday nights at 7.30.

I honestly couldn't believe I just watched a sitcom. I started to watch this show even if the background laughing did annoy me.Months later I heard of John Ritter's unexpected death.It was the first time I had been upset with anyone famous dieing, because I felt I was connected with the show.Now I find it hard to watch the show, and currently the network is showing older episodes with John still in it. And now I honestly think the show should now rest in piece. How ever of course If you have never seen the show I suggest you do.