1 american dating single single

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1 american dating single single

Also, it is harder for girl to meet men and make friends when they live outside an urban area.Suburbia means the additional responsibility of owning a car for transportation.

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Paying for these repairs and other needs can get the best of a woman, as well.Even in our modern world, women typically get paid less than men.Between rent, auto repairs, insurance, food, gas, and the occasional day spa treatment, the bills can stack up quickly.With the assistance of another income or trust fund a girl can not only enjoy her weekly mani-pedi, but also put her money towards pursuing her hobbies and career goals. Whether a girl resides in suburbia or in the city, living alone can be stiflingly lonely, scary and isolating. She must always fear break-ins, night robberies and being followed home even if she lives in the best neighborhood.One way a woman can combat the limitations and challenges of the single lifestyle is to find a supportive man with gentlemanly intentions on Mutual Unless she has taken classes in judo, a girl has few defenses against armed men who intend to harm.

This wariness also makes it difficult to go out at night with friends.The lonely walk home after dark from the local hangout enhances these fears.Men she meets while out will also use the gentlemanly guise of walking a girl home only to force their invites into her apartment.So, in order to obviate any attempts at attracting the wrong kind of attention, women are forced to take protective measures and stay in on a Friday or Saturday night, prolonging their solitude.Some girls are not so lucky to be able to afford a city apartment and live, instead, in the suburbs.The suburbs feel less threatening because the population is less dense, but logic is deceptive in this case; the more isolated the neighborhood, the easier it is for stalkers and robbers to gain the advantage on a single woman living alone.